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Crepuscular rays over Gallt yr Ogof - Sn

Discover Secret Snowdonia

Here in North Wales the majority of walkers operate within a five mile radius of Snowdon’s summit and during the summer months and weekends it is becoming increasingly difficult to find peace and quietude, two of the main attractions of walking in the hills.


Away from the popular peaks, however, there remains a vast wealth of rewarding expeditions untroubled by the masses which retain their wild appeal providing the opportunity to get away from it all and experience hill walking in Snowdonia as it would have been 50 years ago. 


On a ‘Discover Secret Snowdonia’ walk or Photography Workshop you will visit remote valleys, stride across seldom trodden ridges and broaden your horizons as a new and unsuspected North Wales opens up for you to explore. It is likely that as you begin to investigate connoisseur’s country you will want to delve deeper into the hidden depths of this enchanting national park and with that in mind 'Hill-Skills' courses are available to help you gain the confidence and independence to strike out alone on a journey to discover your very own ‘Secret Snowdonia’. 

Nick Livesey

Coming from a mountaineering background Nick became obsessed with mountain photography a decade ago and since then his work has featured in magazines such as Outdoor Photography, On Landscape, Trek and Mountain, The Great Outdoors and Summit. He is a regular contributor to the routes section of TRAIL magazine and has extensive knowledge and experience of all the Snowdonia mountain ranges.


Nick is also the author of hillwalking and photo-location guidebook ‘Photographing the Snowdonia Mountains’, a qualified mountain leader and Rec 2 Emergency Outdoor First Aider. He was a regular visitor to Snowdonia for 10 years before moving to Capel Curig in the heart of the national park in 2013.

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